From the end of Coulsdon College. You picked up your results and moved on.

Now look at yourself. Its already been one year since you steped into the Media Industry. What can i say, you had your ups. You’ve had your downs. However you have made it to the second year.

With your past experiences with media, i have had fun, and learned alot over the years. However you need to start focusing more on your career now. Think back to when you started media. You used softwares like ‘Windows Movie Maker’ on the college PCs and now you deloped over the years using ‘iMovie’ on the Mac computers. This is how you are evolving as a student, learning different things, making mistakes and trying to figure them out. Now you have the experience not only to decided what kind of career you want, but also go all the way making something of it. The terminology that is used in the Media Industry over the past four years has of some what confused you. But that is generic. No one gets it within a day, it takes time, and seeing you develope on these skills is a big progress and you learned that the terminology used is vitaly important. I am happy that you have included terminology in you previous work.

What you want to achieve that will benifit you for the future. What you need to do is; give yourself up to lonliness, fear nothing and work hard. That will take you a step higher in the Media Industry