In the lecture, we discussed reflection and the meaning of the word. We came up with different word to describe reflection such as; feedback, review, honest, similarity etc. We were then split into groups of 10 and had to go away and meet up with our groups to come up with a pitch and perform a 1-4 minute pitch on reflection. We could do a short performance, a presentation anything we felt would relate to the word reflection.

Our Pitch:  A horror, about a group of 5 students who move into a university accommodation. One of the students has a horrific experience as he looks into the mirror and sees a reflection of a dark spirit. He tries to tell the others what he saw and how dangerous it is, but they dont believe him. The only way to stay alive is to stare back at the reflection for it to go away, however the students still don’t believe him, When the time comes, when they see the reflection, they generically look away and they get sucked into the mirror straight away and never come back. The first student who witnessed it survies.

This (left) is a post that we added to the presentation after we perfromed our short play. This shows Jamie the student with the blond hair (who plays ben) looking into the mirror in shock, to the reflecting image of Sunil (who plays the cursed refection) from the mirror.

Character profiles

Ben – Bit crazy and the kid who no-one seems to ever believe

James – The leader likes to take control of any good or bad situation

Tom – The jock that loves his sports and says he’s body is his temple

Beth – Most sophisticated out of all the students with valuable knowledge

Jenny – Known as the dumb blonde, attractive but lacks common sense