On our first lesson on the 27th September we looked at a variety of short video clips. We noticed certain aspects of each short film in terms of length, techniques used, language, setting and anything that was particularly out of the ordinary. I analyzed these two short films.

Flights – In this clip there was an old man walking up a flight of stairs, with his walking stick. We assume that he is an old man, who is weak. Then comes the twist, when he reaches the top, he reaches the top he drops his walking stick to the bottom before he mounts the banister and slides all the way down only for him to start all over again. The idea of miss perception is clever and without the use of dialogue makes us think more into how clever the twist is. It makes the twist a lot more interesting.

Love you more – This short film is about a rather shy boy, who is starring at a girl in his class, who we presume he likes. When they meet after class, they go to a record shop, and she steals a record for him. He is very shy as she takes him back to her place to have sex. Ever since then, his attitude has changed, he drinks, he smokes and seem to be in control of the girl, as they change roles during the course of the film.

These short clips, I thought were great. The reason why I like it is because it is unique. I like they was in ‘Flights’ that you think that man is weak, it really misleads the audience and adds that twist. The fact that there was no dialogue makes it a lot more interesting, and makes the audience think a bit more. In ‘Love you more’ I didn’t think that the characters would change roles and it says a lot about the characters, and the development they go through that changes them as a person.