Filming of the lip dub

Everyone in the Media course were split up into their groups that we were put in when we were learning about the Cabinet of Curiosity. There were group A, B, C and D. I was in the ‘B’ group and in the ‘B’ group were five other groups: B1, B2, B3, B4 and B5. I was in group B4.

The assignment was called 72 hour Music Video Project. The aim of the task was to produce a music video in 72 hours. It had to be recorded in one shot (with the exception of panning of screen). Each group had to participate in a shot each. We met up in our groups to discuss how we would plan this out. The first step was to decide what our music video would be about and we decided to have a moral to the video, which was ‘follow your dreams’. The next step was to decide which groups would do which scenes. There were five scenes for us five groups.

We didn’t know quite to go about it, there was so many different people in the meeting and most of the students in Group B disagreed with the ideas put ahead. The group argued about this idea and the type of music we had to use. Eventually we came to a decision of what sound track we wanted to use, which was called ‘Once before take off’. The genre of the track was ‘rock’. The reason why we chose this track was because the lyrics relate to the narrative in the video; ‘bring me back and take me by the hand’. In the video

B2-‘Warm up’. This was the first scene in the music video. In this scene they had the five people from B2 performing star jumps. This indicated that this is the warm up. It worked well because we couldn’t find a way to start the video and they came up with the idea of having a warm up to start things of. They started of doing start jumps and went to jumping and back to star jumps. After they warmed up they all lined up next to each other as if they were in a starting position ready to set off into a 200m race. Then there is a shot when the camera goes down to the pebbled floor and when it came back up it was the next scene. The reason for this was because it had to be one shot.

B1-‘The Future’ scene. In this scene it was quite interesting because I wasn’t really sure why they dressed up, but watching them film, I realised that they were dressed up in different outfits. Along with the outfits were boxing gloves, football kit, camera, school bags, because the props represent they want to and inspire to be in the future. In this scene they had each of the actors running towards the camera one after the other, either lip sinking or doing an action relate their outfits and props and then ran out of the shot. This scene ended with one of the students with boxing gloves on sparing in front on the camera and as he punched upwards the camera followed upwards into the sky ready for the next shot. I thought this was a really good idea.

B3-‘Temptation’-scene. This scene started from the sky and came down to a girl lip sinking. This scene was really well done because they used props and clothing to represent being tempted e.g. the woman lip sinking and then takes the vodka bottle that is given to her. There is also a guy with glasses removing them, which shows him becoming in to a new person. The scene ends with the woman passed out with the vodka bottle on the floor. It then fades out to the clouds for the next scene. There was however a slight problem before filming the next scene. The was a remembrance day for the people who were in the war, and they had people come to the cathedral to pay their respects with a few minutes silence. We were not aware what was going on at the time. A police man and woman approached us and asked us if we could wait a moment until they finished. This was not a problem however it delayed the filming for a bit. It was a shame because everyone had worked so hard and was doing so well but we all kept quiet and I think that everyone understood.

B5-‘Failed’- This scene was about the students failing in situations and struggling to make it to the end of the dream or journey if you will for example a woman tripped up on her way to the end, and man run into a pole, and other women bumped into the stone sculptured balls next to the fountain display outside the cathedral. Eventually another girl, who held a rolled up sheet of paper, ran towards another girl and handed the sheet to her this carried on to our shot.

B4 (continued) ‘Finally reaching you dreams’- The woman ran, while handing the sheet to me, I grabbed it and handed it while running behind and it was passed to the last person. In this scene was us (B4) running towards the steps behind whoever was holding the paper and running. We decide that we wanted to try and run in slow motion or in some kind of struggle to add more excitement to it and make it interesting. The scene ended with all four for us running up the stairs with us unrolling the sheet of paper (facing the camera) out and it reading ‘follow your dreams’. I thought this was a good idea them taking longer to run to each other with the sheet of paper because if they had run up the stairs then it looks a bit boring and the scene was about them finally reaching their dreams.