I worked in a group of three with Amrit and Aminda for the assignment 3. The aim of the assignment was to create sound. The idea of this project was to record sounds and burns it to CD out of it. The sound must be edited and up to around 1-2 minutes. Of course you can’t just record a long bit of sound which includes the same thing throughout the recording, because that requires no effort and is lazy and boring. There were a few people that were in our class who were going to record their journey to university, and to be honest I was thinking of doing the same.

However I talked about it to my group, considered it, but then dropped the idea; the reason for this was because we didn’t want to be too generic. I wanted to avoid that, I think that being generic is very unoriginal and simply boring.

We came up with the idea of footsteps. It was strange because we came up with it out of the blue, and we just thought that it was different and no one else would really do it, and if they did then it motivated us to be more creative. So when it came to recording it was pretty straightforward, we decided to record inside and outside, we recorded each of us walking up some stairs, because we all created different sounds due to the trainers we were wearing, so i found it very interesting.

The editing process was harder than I thought, because we listened to it but it still sounded incomplete, and what I mean by that was, that it needed some more things to it such as originality. We needed to make it interesting and different. So we had an introduction to it, with the light footsteps, then building up into a little rhythm and the opening the door to the outside, and then had some outside footsteps for a while. Then we paused and had some silence sounds with birds in the background which we downloaded from youtube.com made it silent for a while to make the audience wait for a bit in suspense, then carried on the rhythm and it fit really well, and made it unique, we were all very happy with what we produced.