Recording Pablo life

We were ready to start this project. We had to write a script and it was getting closer to recording. We had the script already complete, except one thing. We read through the script and felt it would be too long and a little complicated. We felt that the audience wouldn’t buy the fact that a wedding would happen at once. It just wasn’t realistic. We edited the script and came up with the idea of Pablo meeting his girlfriend, because it made the storyline mean more. If they got married it would have felt too rushed. This way the audience understands what is going on.

Here is the final draft.

Pablo: (to himself) I remember it being a regular day out, same cold weather and same old atmosphere. I checked in my pockets for some loose change as I walked past the Casino (Sound of change ruffling) walked into the bookies (sound of a door bell ring above the door) and there she was. Sitting at the roulette table spinning the ball.
Jess:  (sound of roulette spin and ambience sound turns into cheering and a crowd talking) (to a customer) 4, red, odd.
Pablo: (to himself) right I’m going to ask her out this time, wait… she’s looking at me…. what do I do what do I do?
Roulette assistant: can I help you sir?
Pablo: (to himself) Oh god…  damn she’s looking over
Pablo (to the roulette assistant) yes I would like to put (sound of notes and change) £400 on number… 6
Roulette assistant: may I just remind you sir that we have just had that number.
Pablo: Number 6 please (sound of a roulette spin)
Roulette assistant: red number 6! (Cheering) That’s £15,200!
Pablo: YES! (to himself) I thought to myself, its finally looking up. I may as well push my luck and headed over to the roulette table where the beautiful lady was.
Jess: couldn’t help but notice your big win over there
Pablo: Well I guess I had a little luck on my side
Jess: I’ve seen you in here a few times, may I ask where you’re from
Pablo: Brazil
Jess: I thought so, can tell by your accent. Sorry what did you say your name was
Pablo: Pablo, Pablo Ruiz
Jess: I’m Jessica McBride
Pablo: Not meaning to be rude or pushy but I was wandering, would you like to go out sometime? I’m quite new to this area so maybe you could show me around?
Jess: I would love to; Meet me outside at 10

Narrator: Pablo was beginning to find his feet, Jess was his perfect woman and in some senses he was hers.