Pablo Ruiz

We created a character Pablo Ruiz and we used our cabinet of curiosity to help us do so. Pablo is a Brazilian student who moves to England to pursuit his career in American Football. He lived in England for a while had and is getting married. At the time we had the idea of recording the wedding and our character was Brazilian and getting married in Las Vegas.

The research we did was based on the setting, because it is audio, we had to get the sound correct. I researched Las Vegas weddings and found out from Wikipedia;

: Las Vegas came to be known as the Marriage Capital of the World due to the ease in acquiring a marriage license and the minimal costs involved. The city continues to be known as a popular wedding destination for the same reasons, but also as a result of the various types of weddings available.

Also other research had to be done on music. We want the audience to recognize his nationality in the audio, so I downloaded a Brazilian advert with the famous Brazilian music used for football, on to Mp3.