I was looking forward to getting started with the ‘poetic eyes’ . The aim of the task was to write some lyrics in a form or a poem or a rap and record it. For this assignment, it didn’t consist of a video camera, instead we had to import images and/or video clips to the audio work to help portray the poem/rap. This would help the audience understand the lyrics and what the poem or rap was all about. I also think that the images and clips included in the work would make it more interesting.

I was always a fan of music, and I learned over the years, that it’s not about the type of music you listen to, but its bout what kind of lyrics you are listening to. I think that if you listen clearly to the artists/bands lyrics you can relate to the narrative and really understand what they are talking about. I think that lyrics give the audience a clear conscience of what they would prefer to listen to and that is very interesting because you can tell a lot about someone from the music they listen to because their personality and actions reflect of them, and what they, what they say, what they believe in ad how they live their lives.