I worked with Amrit and Mahinder for my People to People project. Amrit came up with the idea of getting her next door neighbour to be interviewed. The interview was taking place in her next door neighbours house. We interviewed the woman about her son who is mentally handicaped. We asked questions about how her son is and asked her about his condition. She says that he is looked after in a caring home called ‘Portland House’ in Birmigham.

Once we had recoreded we included shots of the drawings he’d made and of family photos that were taken and included them when we were editing to make it more interesting, and to give the audience a bit of an idea of what kind of person he is. We tried to keep the questions as simple as possible, we asked queestions about Portland House, which is the centre which take care of him, wether they do a good job, and if he enjoys it or not.


We shot this documentary two times. The first time we started filming, we had a shot of Val, near her living room kitchen and it had a glare of sunshine in the shot. When we came to the editing there were a couple of things we realised straight away. The first thing was that there was way too much light in the shot, so we tried to white balance it, but it didn’t turn out how we expected or satified with. The second problem was that we only had one shot of the interview, and we got different types of feed back from others and they said that it looked a bit boring becuase for the five minutes that the interview was recording for, we just sawher talking through out it.


Instead of finishing of the edit, we decided that it was best to reschedule and film again. A couple of days later we went back to her house and filmed the documentary. As a group we realised that it actually a documentary not just an interview. We had to thing of a way to make it more interesting. Then we came up with an idea of having shots of the photos with Chris in them, to give the audience an idea of what he looks like since we couldn’t actually interview him in person. We asked Val for photos of Chris and of the family and she got some from upstairs. As she did this we saw some art work and drawings that he’d made and decided to add it to the documentary aswell, so when it came to the edit we added the clip in by fading it in and out, to make the documentary more interesting. When we looked back at the footage after we added the clips in the documentary we were alot more satisfied with what we got.