I started working on my poetic eyes very late, which was a bad idea. to add to the disaster I decided to use ‘Windows Movie Maker’ to edit my poetic eyes at first, but then found out that it wouldn’t work.

I used a voice recorder to record my poem. it came with a hand held microphone which was connected to an audio device to record my voice. I thought that my poetic eyes would be finished in one take, but i didn’t realise how nervous I would get, so I had to run through it a few times to make sure that i finally got it right. I found that when i was recording that when i played it back to listen, it didn’t sound as loud as i thought it would so I had to speak up.

Once I had finished the recording, I had to edit it and people had advised me not to bother with Windows Movie Maker, but being the lazy student that I am, I didn’t listen to them and I used it. The main reason why I used it was because I had Movie Maker on my laptop. Other used imovie or Final Cut Pro. When I tried to use Windows movie maker it wouldn’t let me use an audio file that I had edited from Audition. The audio file was mixed down after editing two files together. I finally decided to use Final Cut Pro because it just wasn’t working out with Movie Maker. When I used Final Cut Pro, i realised how easy it was, so with the little time I had left, I added the audio, pictures and some subtitles at the start and finish of the video. Other added video clips, but I didn’t have time for that at this stage, but that was my fault anyway. When i uploaded it on youtube, it was a huge weight off my shoulders. I have learned a lot from this coursework, that I should next time start on my work straight away.