I worked with Amrit and Mahinder for the 3-5 minutes film Coursework. We were set homework to write a script for the fiilm before Christmas, so that after we could sort out who we wanted to work with. Firstly we all met up to talk about each others scripts, so that we had an idea of what each ones was about. Then we emailed the scripts round and had a read through them. We met back up to discuss which script we would go ahead and shoot. I had to download a software called ‘Celtx’ and use that to write my script as it comes out looking professional.

When we met up we decided that we would go with my scripts becuase it looked very intriguing. My script was called ‘Never Say never’. It was about a teenager around his late teens (18-20) who one day read this newspaper and finds an article about a sereal killer. His Mum catched him reading it and take it away from him and he promises to never read it again. Later that night he wake up in the middle of the night and goes back to find the paper in the kitchen and reads it in his room. He doesn’t realise that he is becoming obsessed with it. He keeps reading it later on and becomes disturbed by it. His mind plays tricks on him making him think that he sees blood on his hands, when in actual fact there isn’t any blood at all. His mum wakes up and sends him to bed. He wakes up again and his mum knocks on hi door aand find that he is possesed as he is rocking on his chair back anf forth saying ‘She’s here’.