I decided to have at least four scenes in my film. In the first scene was my character John (played by myself) was reading the newspaper and his mums askes him what he is reading. He then tells her about this article he is reading about a cereal killer and then she tells him to stop reading it. The scene ends with him going to his room. I decided that it would be a good idea to start with this scene because it gives an introduction to the film.

The Second scene is when I wake up looking for the newspaper and when I find it I take it to my room and read it then go back to sleep after i realise the time. I then wake up and go to read the paper and find that I have blood on my hands. I go to wash it off but find that its not coming off. This scene was really important that we film correctly becuase we had to purchase fake blood to use in the scene with had to be filmed last because of the staines on my hands. We filmed the scenes were I didn’t have blood on my hands first and the blood scenes second. This showed that my character has psychological problems and thought he saw blood when really it wasn’t anything on his hands. As his mum  (Amrit) enters the scene to check on her son she confronts him that there is no blood at all. The made the scene more interesting.

The last scene had the mum (Amrit) knocking on the door and asking if he was ok, and when she comes in I was rocking on my chair back and forth looking at the ceiling possesed. This scene was my favorite because the way it was set up was so well done, we had the lamp tilted in the corner of the room and gave it a horror effect with the dimmed light. As amrit who plays the mum walks in you can see her shadow and the camera zooms into me and it looks very creapy!