I found that I enjoyed the experience of working towards make a 3-5 minute film. The reason for this was because it was very challenging. I haven’t got much experience acting as a main character in a short film and having to do so much editing. Usually we would edit in groups but this time we had to do it by our selves. I found that there was alot of work to do so I organised myself very well in order to get this completed and make it the best short film. My group and I filmed in my Accomodation using my bedroom and living room. We couldn’t use the hall way because it would’t look like a home, it would actually look like an accomodation.

One of the hardest thing I found was Scene 3. This scene included blood on and off. What I mean by this was that in the scene the main character think he sees blood on his hand and is going through a psychological phase were he thinks he has seen blood. We did a shoulder shot of the blood on his hands to show his view and then a normal shot of him with no blood on his hand. We had to keep the blood scene til last because then it would stain my hands and wouldn’t make sense. This took a little bit longer but it would make the film alot more interesting in the end.

When it came to the edit I had to go back anf forth with the clips so that one shot you’ll see blood and then the next scene you won’t, to show the mind games that is going on inside this characters head. After that was out the way I decided to edit the rest of my film and included video transitions such as dissolve and fade in and out from different scences. I also added music to the start of the film were the credits start and then it fades out and then in to the first scene.

I had alot of trouble using Final Cut Pro and I didn’t know alot about it. I’d only used it once in group editing. So I asked many different students around the class and asked as many questions as I could. I thought that other people would get mad that I kept asking but I am lucky to have a good reputation and always polite to people, which made them not mind to help me out. I also found that at one point I was getting stressed out so I just took my time and found out that, the key to getting work finished and to a good standard was to relax and take your time and not to rush.