When I found out that we had to download the software ‘Celtx’ I was no to familier with it. I’d never used the software before. So as that said i decided to do some research on ‘Celtx’ and find out what is about and how I can get started. I learned that Celex is free Media Production Software which helps organise projects like films,  stageplays and screenplays. I went on the software and played around with it and found that is was easier to use than I’d thought. It felt alot better to organise the film in a script with the help of this software and made it look alot more clear and realistic. I had to insert the number of scenes and this kept me organised.

I didn’t have alot of experience with producing short films so I diceded to to some research and find some examples of them on youtube. This helped me in many ways, it made me more comfortable, I got an understanding of how the scenes are used in short films, if they are short and no to use to long scenes. It showed that the important actions work better than alot of dialogue and the editing is more accurate because it only had a short amount of time to tell a story.