We had finally recorded the TV Show in roughly 6 weeks. The show started with a intro clip and then straight to the presenters who talked about what was coming up on the show. We included a interview with a ‘vampire’, which was really one of our teams friends dressed up, she made it look realistic because it wasn’ about looking exactly like a vampire, it was about people dressing up like vampire’s in their own comfort everyday, thats part of their life. I thought that was very realistic and I was impressed that she wasn’t wearing a cape or fangs because it would look too much like a dress up and nobody would believe it. Here was the fianl take.

I thought that the set was well designed and it helped comliment the mood of the show because it was it had a sky background on the set and the intro video.

During the VT breaks we set up the set for the next shot. We also had a conest, and towards the end of the show we had a guitarist come in and play a song to end the show with the lyrics decending on the screen. Govinder, one of our team workersasked him to come in as a favor to help and it took a while to get in the swing of things because he had to come in everytime we were recording, so the guitarist had to make sure he could come as much as he could according to our schedule.

Reflection on Professional development

I think that media can enhance your profile in many ways. I think that it has changed over the years for a good reason. Many years ago it would have been harder. However this time you can use facebook, prezi, youtube. For example when we were record in the studio we would have our final copy finished and the way to get that round to the rest of the people in the group was over facebook. We created a group and communicated with each other. If a certain member couldn’t for a personal reason no attend we would find out on the group. Getting the video uploaded on the group helped us hugely because we could put it on our blogs .

It helps students make a name for themselves uploading videos on youtube, or vebo. Also on prezi creating a website on that software helps a media student get the publicity that they need, i think that at this stage media students want need the recognition and experience. I didn’t realise til the middle of the year that its social media that will help you at this stage of my life and it has alot.