When I found out what the last module was, I couldn’t wait to get started. On the otherhand I realised how quick the year has gone. It felt like only last week I started the year and now to this producing a TV Show. It has been a crazy ride.

I was very happy with the TV Show, I though that we all worked very hard. The only problem I had was that there were some people in the group who either didn’t put enought effort in the project and a few others who hardly showed up. I thought this was unfair, but I learned that there was no time to wine about it and just be professional about it and get on with your owen work. When we had the option to choose or nominate a role for myself, I chose the camera operator. I was on camer 2. This was the centre camera and didn’t need to move around while filming, I only had to adjust it between VT breaks to get the right position.I learned that filming a TV Show was alot harder than I thought. We had alot of takes I found that long but it was good for the show, we needed the practise to get it right.

There was one problem I had that was the easter holidays. We had a month off and we couldn’t really record because people obviously have homes to go to. That was the hard part, I think at that time most people including myself hadgot frustraded and I could understand that but we were a group and in this together, so we communicated over facebook, in a group that we’d created. We discussed the issue and arranged when we would be back in the studio again. That was one thing that I didn’t think was fair. I think that the teachers should have given a slight extention due to the fact that we had a whole month off. We couldn’t do any work and the time was soo long that it felt like we’d almost forgot the structure and how the Show was going to work for example; certain wire’s i forgot to where to plug in. I just think that if it was given to us with no interuptions then we would have been able to perfect the show a bit more. I felt we could have added something new to the set, maybe a bit of rain, or tried changing things round with the structure of the show.

Here is a weekly post of our schedule –

Week 1 – March 31st – Structure, indiviual roles and set design.

Week 2 – May 8th – Monday and Wednesday – sorting out positioning on studio floor and filming.

Week 3 – Getting the set up by 9am tuesday and recording.

Week 4 -Recording as many takes as possible, setting up design and guitarist debut.

Week 5-Recording several takes and taking the set down and storing it behined girls toliets.

Week 6 -Recording on Monday, Tuesday and final take on Wednesday.

Overall I think that it was a sucess. I didn’t think that the team would be so strong, especially when we had a long break. I was thankful tha I was able to work in a studio like that for the first time and I learned alot. Using camera 2, was fun and took me a while to get used to, but afterwards I got the hang of it. I thougth that everyone had fun and we all got to know each other a bit better and we had great team effort. I liked using the equipment becuase it was all new to me and I saw how it was used in different roles. I do think we should of had a social occasion because I felt that a few people were nervous in front of other, I knew everyone but not as well, so I would have liked to get to know them better so that I would have better chemistry with the other camera operators. At the end of the day it was fun and I learned alot.