When we started the module, I was very excited about the work that was being asked to produce. The were two tasks, the first was to (in our groups) produce a TV Show, and we were given a word  to base our show on, and we had ‘fantasy’. Our show was about vampires and people over the country dressing up as vampire in their own comfort in their everyday life. Before we started filming the TV Show we had to structure itr first. We also had to sort out each persons roles. I went for the job of camera man #2. Everyone by the end of the first week had a role wether it was a presenter, director, graphics designe, camera man/woman or runners. One of the most important things we had to sort out was the set. We needed to figure out what kind of background to have as that was the most important thing on the set because it is symbolic for what kind of mood the show is in. We ended up choosing a sky background with clouds on it.

161mc – Engagement with creative critical process throughou the Module

When I found out what we were asked to produce in the course I was quite excited. The filming and the website to create. The website design was interesting because I had some experience using dreamweaver. However this time I wanted to use something different, i wanted to learn more and branch out abit. So I looked at tumblr, moonfruit and wix. I explored all of them and signed up to them, this way I could play around with them and find out which one was best for me. Then I made my choice to go with Wix. I chose wix because I found it different, you could do so many different things with it and it was straight forward. I was able to add images in a form of a slide, video clips and audio aswell.

When I’d finished my website I was very happy with the outcome, I felt that it was straight forward but required alot of effort. I kept going back and forth and perfecting my work to the best of my ability, I found that interesting and explored new ways of making a website better. Overall I enjoyed it and what great to go down a different road.