This is my blog banner resit. I decided that I quite like my old banner, with the Crystal Palace in the background, so I decided to this time, change it around a little. I added media related images in to the banner such as a clapperboard, with more detail, and some film stips going across the banner, with my name in the bottom corner.

Overall I found this experience very challenging. When I attended workshops during the term, they allowed us to play around with photoshop and explore it. At first I thought that it was a bit of a drag, and never really looked forward to the sessions, but when we go away and produce the work, I think that it helped me enjoy making my banner. What really made this module fun was that we could make the banner into whatever we wanted to. The reason for this was because it is for our blog, and it should say abit about ourselves from looking at the banner.

Having the chance to resit this task was interesting because it gave me the oppotunity to become creative. I had many ideas for re-doing my banner, many images, slogans etc. However when it came down to it, I had to sum it down to only 3 images otherwise it would look too packed.