Finding out that I had to resit the 161mc module was quite depressing to be honest. However when I found outthe tasks I had to do, it wasn’t so bad. I thought that in the long run, it would be better for me because it would be good practice an that way it will help me in the future.

I contacted my Tutor and found out which tasks I had to resit. From Module I was given a brief and had to resit task one and two. These were; making a banner for your blog, and a-telling a story using prezi. So I decided to get a few images together and start on my resit for the banner made on photoshop. I looked at images on google and decided to use a clapperboard and some film strips to represent the course I am studying and a picture of crystal palace from 1920’s to represant where I am from. As the ideas came in, I was starting to deticate myself more towards this task.

As for the prezi task. I decided to re tell the Hansel and Gretl fairytale story. The reason I chose this was becuase, the aim of the task was to re-invent or re-tell the story. So that gave me the chance to be inavative and that motivated me. I decided to add part of my 160mc to the story as was asked by the breif.

I’d used Prezi before and so I knew what was expected, it was just a matter of being unque and coming up with something a little different. I explored Prezi more and found that there were many ways to help me do this. As this was the resit, I thought that maybe I could modernised the fair tale.