Once I’d finished the banner for my blog I had to upload it on to wordpress. Working on my banner was challenging, I found that there were many effects I could use on my banner. There were different effects I could use on the photos.

When I googled the images I wanted the images I wanted I pasted it on to the banner template. I decided not to make the banner too decorated as I wanted to make it simple. I used the media clapper board, the film strips going across the banner with The Crystal Palace in the background in black and white. This represented that it had relations to the media industry back in 1936. I left the clapper board and the films stripes in colour to make this symbolic of the fact that the culture has changed in years. I removed the background to the image of the film stripes so that you can see the image behined it. After that I decided to stretch it across the banner. It took many attempts to get the angle and sixe that I prefered.

When I resat the prezi task I looked forward to it becuase I was given feedback by my teacher, I was told that I should modify the storyline a abit, as it looked very basic. So what I decided to do,  was brianstorm ideas and think of how I could change up the fairytale. I thought that maybe Hansel and Gretl could have other character such as family living with them. The witch they see at the house could be an evil aunt of thiers or someone they don’t particualy like.