The research was one of the most important tasks for this module because I had to make sure everything was clear, as I attempted this task again. When I first attempt this task I did research on Prezi. Prezi is a form of presentation using text, pictures and video clips. It zooms in to your txt, and then you can place them around the page. It was something new and I found it very interesting becuase it was different and we can learn somehing else. I found this video on youtube and it helped me learn the basics of prezi.

As you can see the print screen I used google to find tutorial for photoshop. This helped me in a huge way as it guided me through the software. When I got hold of photoshop, I decided to play around with the programe first to get used to it. I always start of by browsing through before I start the work, just so I can mess around with the tool and hopefully learn something. There were many time when I made mistakes, but then again that helped me when I started working on my banner.

One of the other tasks was to make a banner for our blogs. When I first started I made a bannder and was very proud of it. When I went to resit this I thought that this would be good becuase I would like to design different banners, and that it will help me develop on my skills as a media student and someone who is new to photoshop.

When I attempted it the first time, I realised that I didn’t have the program on my laptop. There was access to photoshop in the library but just incase I wanted to work on it in my own time I decided to dowload it on my lap top. I had to research it on google and find the correct version.

When I was confident that I knew how to use Prezi, I was looking forward to finding a story to re-tell. The first attempt at the task I retold a story of me on my way to Uni. As this was the resit, I thought that maybe I should change my story up abit and find something interesting to tell, and remembered that they used a fairytail as an exmaple. So my next thought was to think of a fairytale and try and re tell it. I thought of a few fairtales that maybe I could remember from a young age. I thought of my favorite one which was Hansel and Gretel. This I remember was better than Goldilocks and the three bears. So there it was, my decision was made, so I had done some research about Hansel and Gretel on wikipedia, google and youtube. I know what you’re thinking. Why would I be researching them, everyone knows what happends, it straight forward, and doesn’t really need to be researched. However it was a long time ago, I wanted to refresh my memory, and when I refreshed it and read throught the fairtale I was able to remember what happen and this was helpful becuase this way I can re-tell the story and make it different, thats the whole point of the task module, to re-tell and make it different. Thats how the research was helpful to me.