After my resit for 161mc, I handed my work in and was happy with what I produced. I felt that it was very nerve racking. I felt there was alot of pressure on me. However, what was done, was done now, and I had to wait for my results. I couldn’t wait much longer.

I checked my emails almost daily, just waiting for the results, then I got an email from CovUni Solar, saying that I will have to log into Solar to get my results. I was just waiting for the worst to happen, I just thought that the only thing that really matterd was that I worked as hard as I could. Then I saw it in the first sentence……”You have passed”. I couldn’t believe it, I worked hard and passed! Now on to Year 2. That resit gave me a wake up call, and now I am alert and ready to move on with the second year and work even harder. I think that this year will be benificial because we will be doing work exprience.