The aim of this task was to shoot 30 seconds of footage about coventry. It could be anything from building, to people in town, students working. We could go out and film anything that we thought looked nice in Coventry. Lately we have been introduced with both ‘Z1’ & ‘Z5’ Cmaeras. We have worked with them last year and it was a great experience. This was just a small task, and the whole point of it was to prove that we could work with the cameras. We were expected to include; zoom, focus, expose and be able tro white balance.

Once we shot the 30 seconds we can either edit it or just upload it to Vimeo if we are happy with what we shot. Here is my 30 Seconds of Coventry.

We were in small groups for this task and we had around 4 members in our groups. The location was important because we decided that we all wanted to film somewhere different, when people go of and film they normally film in gerneric places e.g. the town centre. So we all remembered the pond in the park which was a great location because they had ducks swimming, dogs walking around the park, people relaxing, water fountings. It was just a relaxing atmosphere and I liked this and the group all agreed to film there as we thought this was a nice setting to represent Coventry as a nice place.