The documentary I chose to talk about was one made by a wrestling entertainment company known as the WWE. The documentary is about the life of the lengendary Superstar Shawn Michaels. I know what your thinking, that this can’t count, it can’t be a real documentary, but it is. The WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. Did you hear that ‘Entertainment’. It not just wrestling, the produce and promote movie’s aswell, they even have their own studio. The co-produced ‘The Scorpion King’ with their own wrestler and the Protagonist called ‘The Rock’ also known in hollywoood as Dwayne Johnson in the summer of 2002.

The WWE started to produce documentaries in the Mellenium year. I thought that this was interesting because I thought it was just wrestling, but they have expanded their target audience and stock market. I didn’t think that sports promotions could pull of making a documentary, but you have football documentaries e.g. ‘Roy Keane – As I see it’, the captain for Manchester United FC for 9 years, it talks about his career at the club from his early days, until his departure and falling out with serveral managers, and ‘When we were kings’ which is a boxing documentary about the fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in 1974. The documentary was made and released in 1996, it then went on to win an Acadamy Award for best feature documentary. I was a big fan of the National Geographic Channel, back in the day and I would watch documentaries about animals such as lions, tiger, sharks and snakes. I loved them! I just found documentary very interesting and I learned so much about things that I didn’t know anything about, and wildlife was always on TV so whenever I had the time to watch it, I would.

So back to the wrestling documentary. I watched this and it was aproximatley 2hours long. It was like a film. However I was glued to the screen and the money I payed for that documentary was no longer regretable. It is about a talented wrestler, who started wrestling at 19 years old and slowley made it way up to the WWE. It talks about the lifestyle he lived, how he had a pain killer addiction after breaking his back, then retiring for 4years and becoming a born-again-Christian, and then wrestling after a surgically repaired back. He talks about considering commiting suiside at one point in his life. Also about the respect he lost and had to gain back. I just found this documentary so interesting and I enjoyed every minute of it. The DVD Documentary included interview with other wrestlers, sinior officials, and members of his family, this helped make the documentray more interesting because it was personal. This documentary is everything I like about a dicumentary and it is my influence to make a great dicumentary aswell.