Following on from the last post (below), I was looking at documentaries, I was comparing them and talking about them. The whole point of that research was to giove me an idea of whole to structure my documentary. I am looking forward to this task because I have always found documentaries interesting because it like a different way of telling a story from a film, I find that I can understand it more due to the narrators voice over.

Now we had to start coming up with our own ideas for documentaries, so that when we get in groups of three’s, we are ready to look at each other’s idea’s and conclude whoch one we like the most and which one will go forward to be shot.

My documentary idea is called “God vs Science”. It is about me and my best friend jack, he is my flatmate, we hang out all the time, we have alot in common, we are close friends, and have been for a year now and now each othere so well. We had a discussion about religion randomly and I was talking about how I beleive in God and how I like to practice my faith. I talked about fate and how I beleive that most things happen for a reason. It was then when he started to talk and give his view about what I was talking about, I was quite shocked. He was the complete opposite! Don’t get me wrong I respect his opinion and belives, but it was so interesting that we were so close and best friends but had different view on life. We were talking for hours about this was going back and forth about what we believe and why. I gave him example’s about what I thought about certain things that happen in the world and he gave his.

It was then when I asked him about the expression: “When people don’t believe in God, they turn to science.” He had heard of this but I was talking about how I believe in God and he is a strong believer in Science. That’s when I became very interested and thought that I’d love to make this into a documentary. I will start with introducing each of us and have myself narrating. It will include clips of us talking to each other, then to the camera by our selves about our view on certain things that we talked about.

The title ‘God vs Science’ is symbolic for Adam’s views (me) vs jack’s views. The fact that I believe in God and I am religious and he is not and what we believe in and the effect it has on our everyday lifestyle.