We were asked to film one minute of footage to give us a test run of the camera, so that we could practice the shots that we may use. We could also practice shooting with the actors that we would use if the documentary was being shot so that they have an idea of what they will be doing, were it is located and what the experience is like for them and for what you have filmed.

It could be a minute on anything, it is up to you what you decided to film because it will benefit you and help you out. I saw this as a chance to test out the camera by my self and see if I could remember everything that I was taught about using camera’s last year. I used a Z5 camera and after white balancing it, I was pretty much on the right track, i remembered everything I needed to know. I checked the audio to see if it was ok by testing it in certain shot and going back over a listening to it and perfecting it as much as I could.

I decided to shoot myself and Abdul – who is a colleague from my class. The actor I was going to use was busy, so I thought I might as well just shoot this instead that way I get to test out the camera. Abdul was asking questions about my idea and with no script we just let it flow. That way I could film and I could pitch my idea across with the camera there to record it. I used this interview as a test run because in my documentary I will be in a similar situation with a conversation with my actor, or Abdul (just in case I need a back up for the documentary). Here is the out come