I am working with Abdul and Jack. We are using Abdul’s Idea on Ahmadi Muslims. The documentary is about the Sect of Islam and also about which other Islam sects believe to be non-Muslims or non-Islamic. Abdul is very passionate about his idea and its a very personal thing to him, so myself and Jack will film him in the documentary and pretty much let Abdul take control on what he wants filmed.

This project was meant to be myself and Abdul working on it, however Jack kindly offered to help us out with it, whilst working on one of his own, so its helps us out hugely.


Abdul’s Mosque is in a place called Morden, which is in South East London. We both live in South East London, so it benefits both of us. Jack lives in Birmingham, so we asked him before we agreed to work with him, if he was ok with commuting. He said he doesn’t mind, and he will be staying at my house in the meant time.

Abdul has got permission to interview someone from his Mosque, and for us to film there, and they said it was fine to do so. We have discussed as a group about filming times, camera renting, our own schedules and the coast of traveling. This is all important so that we can get the filming done, and not have any troubles. We exchanged phone numbers and contact on Facebook so that there are ways to get in contact with each other.

I will be posting the shooting scripts, storyboards and our own idea on paper, up on the blog as we work through the process of making the documentary.


This will fade in to the characters face,  a close up but out of focused shot of him sitting down in his office and then slowly zoom out with focus to an establish shot.


A shot of the mosque and people praying, this will be cut-away shots to his voice over, this will probably take about 30seconds.


An extreme close up of him sitting and talking in to the camera and a slow zoom out to a medium close up to show his hands movement, then a full zoom out, which will include him still sitting in his office at his desk and the whole office.


A zoom out of a picture in to his face still talking and answering questions asked.


A cut-away to a picture


A tracking shot of him walking to the mosque while taking to the camera.


A pan across of people reading the Holy Qur’an and other religious books.


An extreme zoom in to the mosque and then a slowly zoom out with music bed in the background, a slow fade out in to the credits.