I have produced a shooting script to give me, Abdul and Jack an idea of what we will be shooting and the timing. The shootin script felt like a lot of effort to be honest but it had to be done. I actually felt alo more comfortable after I had worked at planning out the shootin script because even though its Abdul’s documentary and he knows exactly how he wants everything done and filmed, I can pitch idea’s that may help him aswell. If my idea’s don’t owrk then that means that I have learned something. The whole point of the indervidual shooting scripts is that we all have an idea of what is going on.

I knew roughly how to structure this as I had a word with Abdul and he gave me a idea of how he wanted it set out e.g. what type of music will be playing in the back ground, and at what time, the shots, the dialogue and how much of it. Once I was informed I felt I was on the right track. I found out who we were interving, and as I asked more questuions, I got more answers and became more interested in it becuase most of the shooting script is my responsability as I will be filming.

Here is my shooting script:261 shooting script