As I started my research at the beginning of the module, I looked at a variety of different documentaries. I looked at Sport – ‘Roy Keane – As I see it’, Sports Entertainment wrestling documentary ‘Beyond the Mat’, ‘When We Were Kings’ – Boxing documentary about Muhammad Ali and George Foreman’s fight,  Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore, and a documentary about Religion and Fate. I found the research to be very useful because it gave me an idea of how a documentary should be structured. The best thing I learned about documentaries from watching these, were that there are different types, and as I watched them I began thinking of different ideas for going about my own documentary.

It made me feel a lot more comfortable watching documentaries that I’d never seen before because it was new, and created new ideas for me, for example I had different ways to start a documentary. I bought some documentaries on DVD’s and some of them contained a bonus disc which had the making of the documentary. This was new to me because I didn’t know they did this. I was more interested in my Idea of God VS Science. I wanted to talk about people’s believes and why they are different e.g. their religions, the way that they are raised and the way their past experiences and whether it has had an effect on them.