I was eager to go ahead with the idea for my documentary and felt confident about it, it was going to be about me and my friend Jack and talk about how we best friends but have different believes and talk about our religions. However we pitched our ideas in class and got feedback. I got feedback on my Idea which was that I had no visuals for the documentary, however it would make a good audio documentary because it is a back and forth conversation. That is something I learned from the start which was really helpful, and I started to realise that I have to really think about pictures for this documentary, and put your selves in the audiences shoes and see what they would think if it was just mainly dialogue for 5 minutes straight.

Then we were asked to find partners or get into groups as we could work together to make one documentary. I chose to work with Abdul. He had an idea of talking about a Muslim sect called Ahmadiyyat. He will interview somebody from his Mosque and talk about different Muslims, their believes and why other sect don’t consider them to be Muslims. I found this interesting and asked him if I could work with him on it.

I had my own homework and that was to researched as much as I could about the sect of Muslim and their believes. This was important because I needed to have a full understanding of the documentary and the bits I didn’t understand, I researched or asked Abdul. Abdul managed to get some filming done, unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it,  let him know and offered to reschedule, however he had to film as the interviewee is hard to get hold of. So we agreed that he would film and when I was back that I would edit it with him. When we captured the footage we produced a rough cut of the documentary which was just the interview. Abdul didn’t use the lights that he rented out, he went for natural light instead as he was satisfied with the shot he had.