TAKE II – What an experience..

When we watched back at the rough cuts, we were given feedback learned that the sit down interview that was shot was boring. This time we were going to re-shoot. Myself, Abdul and Jack all went to London together to film. This time there was all three of us so each person had a job to either film, hold the boom mike, or to take pictures. This second take was different from the first because when Abdul went to shoot the first time, he shot a sit down interview. That was great, however we needed to all take part and get some more footage. We learned that there was nothing wrong with the footage we had, however we just had to add more, and get filming around the mosque. For such a unique place we needed to get footage of the mosque inside and out.

This time we got footage of the Imam walking around the mosque and describing what happens inside. We also shot footage of a young boy reading from the Holy Qu’ran and then the Imam later did the same. So the difference between the first and second take was huge, and we wanted the audio from the side down interview to stay playing while the footage of the Imam walking round the Mosque was playing in the background with out audio. At the start we zoomed out from the Mosque with the audio from the young boy reading from the Qu’ran. The end was similar, we shot the Imam walking back to his premises from the Mosque with his audio from when he himself was reading from the Qu’ran.


The Equipment we used were: Z5 Camera, Boom mike, and a steady cam holder, which was something that I didn’t know existed in the Loan Shop. This was very interesting because I learned how to use it, and it was very beneficial for our documentary. This wasn’t a documentary that was a sit down interview, we were filming the Imam walking around the Mosque, so what the cam

era holder does is that it rests on your shoulder and keeps the camera steady. This took a while to get used to but it was something that I learned, and now has encouraged me to use this piece of equipment in the future.