Now that we’d shot the documentary, we’d shot pretty much everything that we wanted to get in that day. Now it was down to the editing. Firstly we had to capture the footage from the Z5 camera to the Mac. Once we’d finished that we were ready to edit. Before rushing into it too quickly we have to note down a few things, and I remember talking to Abdul about using the zoom out from the dome of the Mosque that he’d shot. We made a few notes of things that we agreed on. We made a note structure of how we wanted this to be edited. we took turns on editing and coming up with notes from the next scene to be edited.

Mistake in shot

One mistake we make was that we didn’t watch all the footage back after the shot, I think that we just wanted to film the documentary and get it out the way and  move forward with this task that we made a few mistakes on the way. The white balance wasn’t the best either. By this time we felt quite embarrassed because white balancing is one of the first things you do when you start filming and we didn’t check to see if it was right. We also realised that some shots were over exposed. So there we learned a few important lessons there. What we should have done was change the filter, and we learned this in the lecture and with in cinematography. However it was done now, so we had to find a way to resolve it. We had to modify the colour settings. This helped quite a bit, but then you could see a slight fault with the editing but it didn’t look so bad in the end. The hardest part of the module was not as much the filming or travelling to far away locations, but however was the editing. We had so much good footage and we had to crop it down to 5mins as it says.

We kept important bits in for example the audio from the sit down interview from the first take. We took the footage from the second take and put it over the audio. The beginning of the documentary, we had the title ‘Islam’ and a zoom out from the Mosque with the audio from the young boy reading from the Holy Qu’ran. We used slow fades around the outside of the Mosque when the audio from the young by was in the background. We did it in slow fade to fit the mood of the footage. We used Final Cut Pro and kept playing the footage back and forth perfecting our edit.

We found that what we had in mind for the edit the first time has changed a lot compared to our final piece. I felt that while we edited, ideas just came into our heads as we followed the notes we’d made. We had the Imam audio from reading the Qu’ran for the ending as we filmed him walk away with the credits ascending.