We arranged to meet in London and travelled to the mosque with our equipment. We set up the equipment quickly as we were not using a tripod and using a steady cam holder instead. We shot the Imam (Leader of the Mosque) walking around and talking about the last sect of Islam. He was very open and talked as long as he could which was great for us because we got more footage than we expected. We all took turn and alternated with roles of filming, boom mike and taking pictures. I found that the mosque it self was smaller than I imagined, however it was still very interesting. The Mosque that were shooting in was the 1st Mosque in London and was build in 1924. I was quite amazed because it looked in great condition for its age. We shot around the Mosque were we learned that Muslims can pray inside and also outside on the grass. When we came inside the Mosque it was about 10metres long and seven metres wide. It could fit 150 people in there at a time. We got a shot of something that I’ve always been wanting to know about and that was the Qu’ran. I’ve heard about it from friends, but never looked inside. The Imam was kind enough to show us, you could see the Arabic writing with the English translation.

We asked him and a young boy from the Mosque if they could read from the Qu’ran, and they agreed. This too me was great because we shot something that was unique and interesting because when they said they were going to read from the Qu’ran, in the Muslim religion it sound like a hymne. So this is something that I learned that I didn’t know about the religion that I didn’t know. Outside the front of the Mosque was a great. It was so nice and well structured, with a nice white and green painting which still looks really good. You can tell that the Muslims take very good care of the Mosque, at the top of the Mosque is what looks like a little dome, and that is something that captured me straight away. It was designed well and looked so good. I thought that if we can zoom into that we could have a shot that looked interesting. Once we had finished filming we went back to his premises and we had a chance to ask him questions about the Mosque and religion. I asked if anybody from the Mosque was from another religion and converted to Muslim, and he answered yes and he talked about how her taught them about the Muslim religion when they asked, however he never focused anybody to become a Muslim.