So we decided to go with Amrit’s idea. The positive thing about the idea was that it was visual.In terms of characters, location, shots, they were all visual, and the more we talked about it, the more we could see the film, scene by scene and this made us more dedicated to the production of it.

The idea was: four rival office worker, who are paired up. Both pairs are in the office and when it is lunch time, they desire to eat their lunch on a park bench. The only problem is that both pairs want the bench at the same time. 

One day the first pair rush out the room at lunch time and make it, the next day the 2nd pair make it. The day after both pairs rush out and get to the bench at the same time. There is tension, and both pairs argue and then fight, throwing sandwiches and office props at each other, until they get told of by school kids.Image