Firstly we started by discussing each others ideas with the rest of our group. The Idea we stuck with was called ‘Break-time’, it was an idea put forward by Amrit, who was the director of our group. The narrative for the short film was about these office workers who were competing to get a bench in the park at lunch time. In one scene two people would go together, then the next day the other two would go. Eventually there would be a day when they all get there together and fight over the bench throwing props and sandwiches at each other, as it was a comedy.

We managed to get three actors in the end, however we modified the storyline and worked with what we had. We had the dates ready to shoot our documentary. The first location was a room in the library, we bought props from the budget to help decorate it and make it really look like an office. It was pretty straight forward, we bought props like: books, folders, pens, pencils, notepads, whiteboards, computer mats, markers.

I think that throughout the process of the module, we learnt that it wasn’t as easy as we thought, we had a £70 budget, which is very low, however we couldn’t really afford to put more money into it. Decorating the set – it was quite easy to look at what we needed to get but when it came down to actually putting everything into place, it took a lot of thought in how realistic the set should look, and which props go where and why.

We started shooting the short film on Friday 16th – Saturday 17th March. We were filming for about 3 hours. The first day we shot the office scene, the actors between shots had to change their clothes so that the audience can identify that it is a new day. The shots we used were interesting. We worked with ‘Dolly Tracks’. The are plastic poles that are lines up foot length apart with the tripod on a wheel based support, so that the camera can have a smooth movement with out any shaky shots.

This was something new that we le

arnt to use as we all went away and did our homework on how to use them.

The second day of shooting was the park bench scenes. These Exterior shots were filmed with the props such as: lunch boxes, pens, pencils and a staple gun. These props were mainly for the fight scene which added a humorous effect.

Overall developing the short film was a hard working task. We had so much to contribute to the project which didn’t really had to be done, but can up with more idea’s in terms of producing and perfecting the shots and scenes that we carried on working on the scenes over and over again.

We tried stay positive during the time of filming as we were short for time whiles setting up the camera, dolly tracks and sound boom. However it was a learning experience and we all worked closely together. On the set everyone had their own roles and the one thing I liked the most was our team work, because that’s initially what it all comes down to in the end. The fact that we want to pursuit this as a career, we all helped each other in the roles we had. When helping one person, you help the group and then you can learn something new.