Now that we’d got our narrative on paper it was now time to produce a script. Amrit and another member from our group worked on the script on celtx. Once the script was finalised each member of our group received a copy of it and we all went through it in our space time. Here is the final copy of the script.

There’s absolute silence in the office and all that can be heard is the ticking of a clock (close up of the clock). Whilst the clock is ticking, BENNY and JOSH are looking over each others cubicles. Every so often JOSH is indicating to NATHAN and CARL how much time is left till lunch. The clock strikes twelve o’clock and all four of them hurry up from their desks, put on their jackets and pick up their lunchboxes and leave.


This particular park bench is where JOSH, NATHAN AND CARL sit to have their lunch, and recently BENNY has been hogging the bench.

As JOSH, NATHAN AND CARL walk towards the park bench they find BENNY already there eating his lunch. JOSH, NATHAN AND CARL get annoyed at this, JOSH looks as if he’s about to go up to BENNY, however NATHAN AND CARL stop him and turn around and walk away, patting JOSH’S back in assurance of getting the bench next time.

There’s a shot of BENNY, eating his lunch and when he sees JOSH, NATHAN AND CARL walk away he smiles to himself with pride of getting to the bench before them.

There a shot of three children who are playing together and witness the bad atmosphere between BENNY AND JOSH, NATHAN AND CARL.


Both BENNY and JOSH are watching the clock ticking and peering over each others cubical. JOSH looks at BENNY and both of them give each other filthy looks, JOSH then nods his head to NATHAN AND CARL to start getting ready to leave.

The clock strikes twelve o’clock and all four men walk out picking up their lunch boxes hurrying along out of the office.


This time JOSH, NATHAN AND CARL have got to the park bench before BENNY. This makes BENNY angry. BENNY clenches his fists together, shakes his head towards JOSH, NATHAN and CARL with a scrunched up face and his eyes analysing the three of them. (Close up shot of BENNYS EYES)

JOSH, NATHAN AND CARL sneer at BENNY and continue to eat and talk together trying to ignore the fact that BENNY’S still staring at them.

The three children are there again and witness the bad atmosphere between BENNY, JOSH, NATHAN AND CARL. The three children look at each other and shake their heads and continue playing.


All four men are looking at the clock. JOSH slides a few stationary objects into his pocket along with a staple gun, NATHAN AND CARL see JOSH doing this and do the same. BENNY leans back and peers to see what JOSH is doing, BENNY sneers, shakes his head and leans back to his desk.

The clock strikes twelve o’clock and all four men rush towards the office door to get out. BENNY manages to get out first followed by JOSH, NATHAN AND CARL.

ext.pathway of

NATHAN and CARL are walking fast towards the bench. JOSH is also walking fast whilst looking for the whereabouts of BENNY and indicating to both NATHAN AND CARL to hurry up. In all of this BENNY IS NOT TO BE SEEN.


As the three of them get to the park bench they find BENNY already sitting there eating his lunch. BENNY stares at JOSH, NATHAN AND CARL, shrugs his shoulders and laughs at them. JOSH, NATHAN AND CARL look at each other all fed up.

JOSH reaches into his pockets and pulls out a bunch of paper clips. He shows them to CARL and NATHAN who then pull out their stationary objects. They all throw the objects at BENNY and start laughing. BENNY retaliates by throwing his half eaten sandwich at JOSH’S face. A moment of silence passes by. JOSH looks very angry. NATHAN and CARL look shocked.

This annoys JOSH to the extent where he reaches into his other pocket and pulls out the staple gun. JOSH takes a few steps towards BENNY and holds the staple gun to his head.

The three children are present once again. They can clearly see what JOSH is about to do. The children at this point look at each other and go over, they push CARL AND NATHAN out the way and intervene between JOSH AND BENNY, one of the kids takes the staple gun off JOSH and shouts.


And what do you think you’re doing! We’ve been looking at you’s for days now and you’re fighting over a BENCH! Start behaving like adults and share the bench!

After the child has finished shouting at them, JOSH extends his hand towards BENNY and says



BENNY looks up at JOSH and his extended hand for a while. He then ends up shaking hands with JOSH and says with a smile.



                   Fade to black


Fade back into the scene of all four men sitting down on the bench squashed together. They are all laughing and eating their lunch together like happy families.



There was something very important which we learnt from a lecture from Clifton, he talked about short films and what actions are portrayed, and how you don’t need a lot of dialogue to make a film or scene good. So therefore if you take a look at the script, there isn’t much dialogue for the actors, because it isn’t necessary. We wanted to put as much body language across with out dialogue as we could to try and make this as enjoyable and funny as we could.

I learned from the lecture that sometimes when there is hardly any dialogue it make the film/scene more interesting, and creates tension for the audience which makes it exciting. So straight away I looked forward with working with actors and helping them portray their characters using a lot of body language.