Approaching this module was exciting, as I was looking forward to producing a short film with fresh equipment. We had a couple of workshops and where introduced to

the JVC camera’s, finally. I’d always wanted to use these camera’s
I found that it was very interesting that I had a group of six people and half of the people in the group I’d never worked with before, so this was something to look forward to as I find that you can work well with the people you know and learn more with people you’ve never worked with before.ever since I first set eyes in this course all the way back from College.

The first thing we had to do in our groups was too all think of ideas for a short film with a meaning to it, and pitch it to the rest of the group, some of us had one idea and other had a few. Here where some of the ideas put forward:

1) ‘Courage’  – Minda had an idea about a handicap man in a wheelchair who goes to watch a basketball game, he wishes he could play but he is not allowed. One day after the game he practises while in a wheelchair, he finally gets the courage to slowly stand up and shoot and score in the net.

2) Break-time – Amrit from our group had and idea about the rival office worker, who are slightly geeky, are in an office and rush out at lunch time to get to a park bench so that they can eat their lunch. There is two on two and eventually they sneak out and get to the bench at the same time and fight over it until the get told of by two school kids.