After a very interesting group meeting, we found that things were more clearer. We had enough people in our group to have a role or two each. Minda was the producer, he would make the calls to the council, asking for permission to film in the  location in Birmingham (Park). Adina was the AD (artistic designer). Edina was in charge of character profiles. Kurt was camera operator, he had to learn how to master the JVC Camera. Amrit was the directer, she produced the script, and storyboards. Myself and Raul were in charge of Casting.

Raul was due to go on the Media Iceland trip, so he could help out as much. So I was prepared to take on the role. Kurt was able to assist me. I contacted people from,, which were both online casting agencies. We made a poster to put up in the SU (Student Union).
 I also contacted the Head of the Performing Arts department, and emailed her about our module and what actors we needed with the narrative of the short film and the dates we need them.

I was going back and forth with actors, as we hadn’t decided on a date to film, due to all the actors being free at the same time. I call and met up with all actors and gave them a copy of the script, and auditioned actors. So I took it very seriously. I finally got four actors but the only problem was that one dropped out at the last minute! I was very unhappy, but I discussed it with my group and we modified the storyline to 3 office workers. Two against one. So there would be two office worker trying to beat the other worker to the bench at lunchtime.

The three casts were asked to wear things like suits, ties, work trouser and smart shoes, so that they can fit the characters. We wanted them to have more of a natural look, so we asked them to just comb their hair, and nothing else because otherwise they will look too perfect.