Looking back at production of the short film, I realised that the production of the short film went really well.  I was analysing the production as a whole, the timeline schedule, the shots etc. There was many things that we produced in this module that helped the group as a whole. We firstly made sure that we had a shooting schedule, the producer of our group created one. It involved the dates we need to film, and the little task which needed to be completed and when. This itself was very useful and made us become more organised.

I thought that the way I organised the casting was handled well. With the casting I found that it was very easy to contacted actors on websites, but trusting them to commit at your schedule felt risky. There were a lot of ‘What Ifs’ going through my head. I found myself working as hard as I could sorting out actors and then coming up with back ups. I got to a point were I had to contact these actors and find out their availabilities, then had to check if they were free when we were filming, then I had to make sure they were all free at the same time.

We got through the cast and now it was time for the big challenge, the shooting of the shirt film. We needed everything to go as planned. We worked very hard at the storyboards and had clear idea of which shots we needed and how it will help camera give the effect we wanted in the frame. Every time between scenes, we kept going through the footage and made sure that each shot did its justice. We carefully studied each shot and thought of ways to perfect it. Very rarely did the shot come out the way we wanted it to, so there was a lot of time and effort out into it. This shows that we were very serious about the worked we produced.

Johnnie (Below) one of our cast members, with character attire.

I remember looking through each of the shots and thinking that the actors work was very good. The most important thing I felt was the image. I was very accurate with the Characters. Even thought it wasn’t my idea, I still had a great vision for what each character needed to look like and why. This was assisted by a member of my group who worked on the Character profiles. She sent them to me and I carefully read through them a few times for my own understanding and started to write description for which cast we needed. I tried to look at different office workers walking around and tried to relate their image with the characters we would cast, for example: the way they walk, talk, what they wear, the way they wear it, their facial expressions, the suits, ties, and shoes. So from top to bottom I was analysing everything that an actor needed to portray in the film.