Having sorted out all the tasks that we had to complete was only the start. I found that the research was the most important. There was so much things in the module that I was unsure of, the casting, the equipment, the soundboard, the production and planning of a short film.

One of the things that I looked at firstly was examples of short film. Here is an example of a short film which I studied from the lecture.

This was very useful in terms of timing, narratives and dialogue. The length is obviously very short, but I learnt that the narrative doesn’t have to be complex, it is easier to make it straight forward for a short film, so that the audience can  understand and register what is happening. I also picked up that their is shirt dialogue, this relates to what we learned in the lecture about body language and dialogue, how you don’t need a lot of dialogue to portray a scene. Sometimes the short dialogue can keep the audience in tune with what is happening in the scene.

Once I had an idea about short films and the way they are shot, I then looked to learning and perfecting my skills with equipment. These being: the JVC cameras and the ‘Dolly Tracks’. Firstly the JVC’s we are familiar with, as we learned to use them in the work shops. However I was still not as confident on using them. I then did some research on them using ‘Google’ and ‘Youtube’ tutorial to help me with this.

Once I’d done this, I kept internet pages booked marks for more info. To further my knowledge, I decided to book out a JVC with my colleague , after having access to one, and played around with it. I thought this was the best way to test my knowledge. I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to learn to use it properly but I learnt a lot on the way.

We decided that while renting out equipment ready for shooting the short film, that we’d like to try out ‘Dolly Tracks’. I’ve always wanted to use these, but never really had the time to do so. One of the best things about research is the stuff that you can learn from just ‘Goggling’ something. I truly learn to use them on the day of shooting, however the research made me familiar with the tracks. 

Now there was one more. The casting. This one took a lot of time in to the research in terms of what to do and where to start. This year we learn how to be professional and we had to make sure that we were acting like professionals. The reason why this took a lot of time and hard was because I was in charge of the casting. Luckily in the lecture, they went through casting with us, talking about the professional way to approach it. They gave us examples of agencies to search for online. I looked at ‘castingcallpro.com, starnow.com to recruit actors.

Above that in the Media Department, we are fortunate to have the Performing Arts students on the second floor. That was easy access to approaching actors quickly.