At the beginning we were informed in lectured that we would take part in many tasks during the module. We were given example’s of the work that we need to produce which gave us an idea of what was expected. We were also set additional tasks to prepare us for the later tasks we had to complete.

The work we produced was very important because it helped us learn more about Creative Activism as a whole. I felt that once I started working on one task, I was gradually understanding what was expected through out the rest of the module. I felt that it was important to have tasks week by week because it kept us on our toes and we were producing some good quality work just from understanding what was expected.

I found that we progressed quicker working in groups, they were bigger groups than we were normally used to, for example the flash mob experience, because I worked with a bunch of people I’d never worked with before. I felt that my progress sped up as I learnt week by week. Tasks like the flash mob, were set on the day, so we had to work as a big group and get straight on it. There was no time to really plan to really research, we just had to be hands on. It was a little bit pressuring, however all the students were in the same situation and so we all helped each other which helped every one produce some good work.