Looking back at the module overall, I think that it was a positive experience, even though it was very scary at times. I thing that this was a level up from last year using Z1 and Z5 cameras to using JVC’s. We also contacted cast agencies instead of performing in our own films. This I found very scary but exciting. For myself this module was exciting because we were treated like professionals, and even though it put a bit of pressure on us, it still made us become ambitious and inspired us too aim high.

Our shooting schedule (Below) which kept us organised and informed with what we need to achieve. 

I thought that working in a group of people who some of which you’ve never worked for always is a good thing. There were four other people in my group who I barley new, and I was a bit unsure of how the out come would be in terms of communicating. However I stayed positive and carried on working closely with the group and talking to the people who I’d never worked with before, more often to get to know them. One of the hardest things about working in a group, I thought, was trust. You need to trust each members in the group. I think that I didn’t at first because I was just paranoid about whether our group would pass this module.

One thing I found hard was sorting out the casting. Our group decided to split different roles up so that everyone had a job or two to do. Mine was casting, however few things went wrong.  Firstly, we went on the agencies online and made a profile looking for actors using ‘casting call pro’ then we tried ‘star now’ and we didn’t receive any replies. When we informed our lecturer, he said that it was strange as people get replies very quickly.However we only faced the problem a few weeks in, where there wasn’t enough time.

(Left) Pete Hurst one of the cast members

I found that I was recruiting about 10 actors even though we only needed about four. The reason for this is that there was only one time to shoot this, you can’t keep filming and changing dates, so we learnt that working with actors, we needed to be prepared for the worst. We had to be ready for actors turning down the roles at last minute, actors being late, no showing up. We learnt that we needed these as buck up plans. I learnt in the lecture that if you have a ‘Plan A’ then make sure you have a ‘Plan B,C,D,E and F’. At this stage you can’t settle on one plan because if it goes wrong and doesn’t work then you are in trouble.his is another thing that we learnt, that when you have a problem with something in your module, go and ask the lecturers straight away. Instead we had to just go to the Performing Arts department and try and recruit actors. Some were available and others wasn’t.The hardest thing about the casting, was making sure they were all free for shooting days, finding out what time they were free, and making sure that they were all free at the right time. Some actors could make it in the morning and others were busy for most of the shooting days.

Shooting with Dolly Tracks was very interesting because it was my first time using them. I was assisted by members of my group who had used it on the Iceland trip the week prior. It was pretty much straight forward and I learned so much about the picture of each shot and the pace of the camera as it moves closer to the actors with in the frame. It was the look we were waiting for. It was useful for opening shots. This was exciting because I used to always see these in the extras on DVD’s for films. I was familiar with them and understood them more once we were shooting.

When the Film was finished, I was relived. I was more than satisfied with my work and the groups effort. I found that during the module, their was weird tension with everyone at times as we were on each others case, trying to get the work to the best possible standard, we also wanted to make sure that everyone was pulling their weight in the group. I think that in this module I really learned how to work as a group and what sacrifices it take to produce something of good quality, for example: retaking shots, not giving up with your work and perfecting it to a high standard. I think that when people in my group were working hard than it made me work even harder and inspired me to keep focused.

If I had the chance to repeat the module with my group, than I would be a lot more organised, I would ask more questions in the lecture and I would book tutorials with the lecturers to show them my work so that I can receive continuous feedback. However as a hard working experience, I really enjoyed it and found it challenging, now I have gained knowledge and experience which is beneficial for my future.

Here is the final cut of the short film called ‘3 Pinhead’.