The aim for this task was to make an Empathy task and put your self into someone else’s shoes and make a documentary about it. This task was intriguing because I’ve always enjoyed watching documentaries and was inspired to make documentaries ever since I started to gain interest in them, for example the 9/11 documentary. I watched ‘super size me’ and that documentary was similar to what we were making.

I decided to take part in two different documentaries as I really enjoyed it. The first documentary consisted of Sunil from my course, who had a challenge of staying in bed for a weekend starting from Friday and finishing Monday morning. He took it very seriously and actually stayed in bed, he was only allowed out for toilet and shower breaks. He had to get hi house mates to make his meals. I supervised him during the time, making surprise appearances to check up on him. We both edited the footage together and added the time to appear on screen like documentaries should. We had myself talking to the camera a few times and informing the audience what Sunil has been up to and the rules which he should abide by.

The 2nd empathy task I worked on was called ‘See no evil, hear no evil and speak the no evil’. This was about myself and two other guys from the course, who agreed to take part in a challenge through out the documentary. One of us had to be blind folded, the other had to be restricted to hearing, and the last one had to muted and wasn’t allowed to speak.

I was blind folded, Ben was restricted to sound, and had to wear big headphone with ear muffs inside, and Joe was muted, and and had to put duct tape on his mouth. We all had challenges, I had to make a cup of tea and communicate for assistance still blind folded, Ben had to watch TV and find a way of understanding what people were saying using body language and find out what is going on on TV. Joe had to communicate with any of us using pen and paper, and not allowed to speak. We managed to do this for a few hours and got very difficult and annoying. Here is the final cut.