The flash mob task was very interesting to me because I was the presenter. Our Flash Mob was about two boys in our class (Josh and James) who were a band called ‘Audio Check’ and we are in Coventry to promote their album and perform later on at the Media Building.

The way we structured it was, we had about four people as paparazzi, others as fans who asked for autographs, and even a body guard. I found this very nerve racking as I’d never really been a presenter, I’ve often spoke in front of a camera but not in public. I was hand picked to be the presenter and I had no time to be negative, so I went through the questions I would ask the ‘band’ and just went with it. I looked at a few links on YouTube to help me with presenting.

So now was the time to shoot. We had to meet the rest of the paparazzi in town, for this to work and look realistic. They communicated with walkie talkies. The band and the ‘security guard’ were waiting in side HMV and when everyone was ready they came out and the paparazzi followed, my job was to wait somewhere out side and when I saw a crowd of our group as fans crowd the ‘band’ I would rush over with the camera crew and follow them. I interviewed them and asked questions. This took 3 takes, here is the final take.