The viral video was introduced to us in the middle of March, this was one of the task we had to produce. I worked in a group of 6 people and we produced a viral video about the ‘Bermuda Triangle’. It was about how the Bermuda Triangle would appear somewhere e.g. on the table next to you and if it was near something, it would make it vanish. For example if it was near a tea pot, the tea pot would vanish.

Our storyline was about a news report on an incident which happened in a woman’s kitchen when the Bermuda Triangle made her cat, tea mug and coffee disappear. We had the woman who was interviewed, the news reporter who was played by a girl in our group and an expert who was played by myself. My role as the ‘expert’ was to tell the news reporter and the rest of the world what the Bermuda Triangle is and why this is happening.

It took a few takes and a few run through’s to finally get it perfect. In the edit we decided to play around with the tone of our voices, since this was a viral video and we had to get as many views as we could, we wanted it to be unique.