Reflecting back on my work throughout the module, I think that my work was inspiered by the work that was posted up on the blog. The lecturers showed us different types of example’s through out the course. When I was looking at different example’s online I was analysing the work and trying to pick up as much as I could from what we were being shwon. I remeber especially looking at the the flash mob task. I’d never heard of a flash mob, so it was all new to me and I think that other students in my class where in the same boat.

I looked online on YouTube, and searched for ‘flash mobs’ and it came up with a huge variety of videos. I was quite suprised. I chose a clip called ‘Improv Everywhere – Frozen’. The title itself caught my eyes. I looked at the video and their flash mob is about a lot of people at Grand Central station in american. The task was for everyone to walk about as usual and randomly people will eventually freeze and the rest will join in. The people who are not aprt of this will be confused as they walk in and out of the station. Straight away I looked back, watching every detail of the flash mob, how they made it work and how they kept the flash mob alive for a period of time. I found it interesting how the public were able to interact with each other in the process. I think that looking at this showed us the realism of the flash mob task. It was interresting to see people talking to each other. The social interaction is something that is unique and makes the task very important.

I also analysed the case study task. I saw exmaples of images on the news, I read articles online and ‘Googled’ some case studies. I found that mose of the case studies are from real life expierinces, e.g. the case study I chose was about claims insurance in car acciedents and how you can cliam compensation from acidents. I also studied about how we can claim our compensation back. We are informed by txt, and how didi that happen? Its because our car insurnace selll our details to another company and they inform us about waht we can claim back.

Once I’d studied a few tasks in the CreativAct module, i found that analysis was highly important. I found that really looking into things and studying them is a great way too learn. I remember looking at other people’s work aswell and comparing it to mine and others, and looking at four different examples of tasks I was able to gain a clear understanding and to produce my work to the best of standards.