Now when I look at the module as a whole, I think about each task and how it all went so quickly, and how much I learned in such a short time. Thre were times in this module where I felt it was very useful, and benifitial for us as student considering the future we desire in the Media Industry.

I felt as if time went very qucik. Some times in the lectures I felt like sleeping to be honest, It wasn’t that I was bored as much, it was just the duration of the lecture. I find that I can concentrate for up to 45 mins. After that I felt that I’d switch off and its a shame because I really was lookng forward to the tasks ahead. My attendance was average. At the begginging of the module I used to give up sometimes and go home, just because I’d had enough of that same room and long lectures. I think that in the course the lectures should allow us to have a short break as it can become to much for us to take in sometimes. However I did enjoy some of the tasks. I found it difficult at first to accept being the presenter as I was put on the stop. This then turned out to be something positive. It kept me on my feet, I had time to practice. I felt that my lecture Jonathan was very helpful, boosting my confidence to go and present. I felt that he gave me the confidence to go all the way with the task and enjoy it. I felt that with him there it was helpful to complete, as he heled me with research. I now had experience with presenting. It was something that I didn’t really see myself taking part in at all, but that was the positive side of the course, it helped bring out the confidence and talent that we as students didn’t think we had.

I have to admit, working on task ‘on the fly’ with out much plan was exciting. I think that it gave us a taster of what the real world will be like once we enter the Media Industry in year to come. I think that maybe it was a big step to jump for some of the task, but it some times if you get thrown in the ‘deep end’ it can get the best out of you.  I felt that when we all worked on the tasks and the hard challenges I started to realise that we all had portential and we have ambitions that we should reach for.

To be quite honest, I didn’t like the fact that we were set tasks week by week. Sometimes this wasn’t the case, however a fews times, we would be introduced to a task one week, and before we know it, another task is coming up. I don’t mind be busy in the course sometimes, however I think that maybe the module should have started a little bit early or finihsed a little later, just so we could have a little bit of breathing space, but to sum up the course in one… what an experience!