I felt that at the start of this module I didn’t really no what was expected. So I booked a one to one with my tutor and made sure I asked questions. One of the things that I was advised to do was ‘do my own homework’. This meant that I had to look at the tasks and had to do some research on them. For example, the flash mob. To be honest I didn’t even know what a Flash Mob, so I had to do research on it from Google to Youtube.

I looked at the tasks such as ‘viral videos’. I looked at past students and how their video went viral, was it the unique style, and other elements that made it stand out, I started looking at different documentaries to prepare myself for the ‘Empathy task’ of ‘putting yourself into someone else’s shoes’. I looked a well known documentary called ‘Super size Me’. This was a documentary about a man called Morgan Spurlock who follows a 30 period were he can only eat Mc Donald’s food. This film documents his daily life while doing this challenge and the effects on his health and how it effects his life style. I thought that this was very useful because for our documentaries, we have to put our selves in somebody else’s shoes and find a challenge to stick by for a period of time.

Culture Jamming – Remix Media

The majority of the research I conducted was for the Culture Jamming remix image  task. I learned that we had to remix a piece of media whether it was a video, or an image. I Goggled ‘culture jamming’ and found some interesting images of how images were remixed to portray a different meaning e.g. an advert. I found out that we had to produce our own remixed media. From an original to a remixed version and explain why we chose the image, and what the remix means. I often had to refer back to the blog to get a full understanding of what I was producing was correct. I learned that with in culture jamming remix media, that it is a way of expressing feeling and opinions using the media. It also has a different meaning with in the work, whether it is font, image or the colour of the piece of media produced.