As this module was about to start up I was tempted to use the placement that were given to all students. However when I looked through all of them, I realised that they were either too expensive or not as enjoyable as it looked.

I had to take a lot of time to thing about this module because this is one of the most important modules that we will have to produce. I realised this because its about our future. We had to fill up 20 days of work experience.

When I took some time to think about what I wanted to produce, I thought of a couple of things in mind. I spoke to Minda from my class, and I remember him mentioning that he wanted to produce a short TV Show, and then a documentary after it. I knew that this would be useful because it required a lot of time and work and with a couple of other project I could easily complete the 20 days of work, however the fact that I was doing my own work meant that it was educational, and fun. I’d rather do that then just use the Uni’s placements to make up days for that sake of it.