This was very important for the TV Show that we had a good idea of how the kids educational TV Shows were produced. I remember when I looked back at when I was younger and the shows that I watched such as; Art Attack, Smart and Brainiac. These were educational show, testing experiments or making art models.

I learned that these shows were not always long shows, they just included the important elements in it, such as being fun and educational.

Art Attack: This show is a classic, I used to watch it years ago when I was younger. It’s a show hosted by Neil Buchanan. He is an artist and produced art models as well. Art Attack is a show where Neil would create a piece of art e.g a cardboard house, and go through step by step of how to make it. It was educational and very entertaining. He used different kinds of objects with PVA glue.

Brainiac: This was a science educational show. The host Richard Hammond, from Top Gear, would do science experiments, and this was more aimed at elder people. The show was entertaining because of the experiment he performed. It taught you the science behind the experiment and in detail about the chemical reactions.